Jukebox label template

By Ketil Svendsen

If you’re anything like my brother-in-law, the main attraction of your livingroom is — of course — the subtle sight of your loaded Wurlitzer, all charged up for saturday night and waiting, just waiting for action in the corner.

Lights on, real coins. Good music.

But wait — the labels are … pieces of white paper. Handwritten ones!

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice, you say, with a classic jukebox style, printable vector label template, either for your handwriting skills; or better: with printed letters?

Well, look no further. Download & either print the blank one (a shiny, shiny .pdf) and use the pen of your choice for artists, A’s and B’s — or go for the Indesign one (and just copy/paste any cr separated text file into the linked fields (of sonic love, I might add): even the font styles are automatically formatted (use Futura, or a free clone). Requires, of course, Indesign).

Blanks [PDF] or Indesign [ZIP]

The design is an amalgam of different classic 78×26 mm labels documented on the wild, wild web.


4 responses to “Jukebox label template

    • Thanks! Well, you’ll need Adobe Indesign for the ones with writeable fields … the other ones need a pen :)
      I’m sure there are ways to make 100% printable labels with writeable fields in either word, acrobat, powerpoint etc, but Indesign is what I know best ;)
      Maybe some day …. :)

      • how do I do it……….I would like to be able to print on the juke box labels as I put the 45 into the machine please tell me how to do it

      • For the printable ones, you’ll need Adobe Indesign. The text fields are linked, so you can copy/paste from a spreadsheet.
        The others are blank pdfs (Acrobat), the text to be written by hand. Lots of jukeboxes had handwritten labels – but they do look cooler with the As, Bs and arrows :)
        I’m starting to think I’ll check out Adobe Acrobat’s form field function for making them editable. Stay tuned :)

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